Category: Portfolio Piece

  • Otherworld Oceans

    Otherworld Oceans

    COMING SOON: Otherworld Oceans is an ambient relax-’em-up audio/visual experience for PC, Mac, and Linux. Expected release: January 2023

  • Bloombox


    Bloombox is A Panasonic RX 1460 boombox reimagined for modern use Bloombox acts as a node in a wireless home audio mesh network, displaying the currently playing song’s cover art on its “tape.” The tape reels even spin when the song is playing: This project embodies what I believe to be an inevitable aspect of…

  • The Loop

    The Loop

    The Loop is a project by Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition to provide a combination Queer-affirming coworking space, affirming housing environment, affirmative medical clinic, and LGBTQ+ community center in the heart of Downtown Lancaster City. I was responsible for systems design, pre-visualization, and interior design for the space. I created an environment which was inviting (like a…

  • Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition

    Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition

    As Creative Director at Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition, I was responsible for creating and maintaining a brand which balances a celebration of Queer identity and visual communication of ourselves as a trustworthy health, housing, and education resource for our community and those seeking DEI training. Over time the brand evolved from a fledgeling startup operating out…

  • Bells


    For my undergraduate thesis project, I aimed to create a brand system which evolves over each consumer touchpoint; becoming increasingly unique and abstract as the visitor becomes a fan while maintaining consistent identity. BELLS is an ambient post-rock band consisting of Sean Hennessey (This or the Apocalypse), Jon Hershey (August Burns Red), Tim Kettering, and…

  • Vibes


    Pareidolia is the tendency to recognize patterns — often faces — in otherwise ambiguous visual information. Here, this tendency is used as a tool to help the product catch a viewers’ eye. Winner of an American Package Design Award from Graphic Design USA, this project was an exercise in designing consistent packaging across multiple SKUs.…